Monday, 7 December 2020

Haute Dolci

One thing I love to do is to try new restaurants and dessert parlours and this particular one was on my to try list for a very long time.

Haute Dolci® has been twelve years in the making, ten years of honing and refining the creative vision that made Heavenly Desserts the successful brand it is today. The result is an extraordinary and unforgettable taste experience designed to turn customers into connoisseurs.
This passion for perfection is born from a belief that fine art desserts have the power to bring joy to people. For Nizam it is not just about creating an incredible experience in luxury dining. His vision for Haute Dolci® is that it should offer moments of intense pleasure that excite all the senses and bring richness to the quality of people’s lives. Haute Dolci® is about enjoying life, having fun with food and unleashing the senses to cherish a moment in time.

I paid a visit just weeks before lockdown 2.0 and I am so glad to have fit in an extra fine dining experience before all of the restaurant and dessert parlour closures.
As soon as you enter Haute Dolci, it feels so high luxe and girly. The pastel pink and floral decor makes this such an instagrammable place to be.

From the lighting to the padded seating areas, it was all perfection. When you enter you can see some of the sweet treats/patisserie. I just had to take a few photos. It's all just so pleasing to look at isn't it? We was guided towards our seating area and was given our menu. The service was super quick and the staff were really friendly too! Read on to see what we ordered!

Box of six macarons to takeaway (£8)

How could I leave Haute Dolci without trying some macarons. I chose the flavours: coconut, strawberries and cream, raspberry, choco hazelnut, strawberry and chocolate and cookies and cream. I absolutely adored the cute pastel pink packaging and it really matched the theme of the dessert parlour too!
Each macaron was so flavourful and melted in the mouth. Definitely worth each and every penny. I would without a doubt, try more flavours. Macarons are just so addictive. As soon as you try your very first one, there's no going back haha! I really loved the coconut, raspberry and cookies and cream the most!

I'll have what he's having (£8.80)

Golden waffle covered in smooth dolci white choc, fresh strawberries and white choc curls with a scoop of Caribbean coconut gelato.
Just look at this ultimate treat! I just want to point out how cute and creative each dessert name is and I think that's why we took so long in deciding, we was too busy looking at each of the names haha! Anyway, this was simply amazing! The waffle of dreams I would call it! The soft and super fluffy waffle, the super creamy coconut ice cream, the sweetness of the chocolate and strawberries... I would definitely recommend trying this one!

Fit for a queen (£4.50)

Classic Victoria sponge sandwich, smooth buttercream and luxurious strawberry sauce. Your highness.
This one is perfect for you tea and coffee lovers. The ultra buttery and melt in the mouth cake was simply divine. It wasn't overly sweet, just the right amount of sweetness. The added decoration of the fruit and mint leaves definitely gives it a high end look. A classic that's here to stay.

Lemon cheesecake (£6.00)

Sweet cream cheese combined with tangy lemon.
This dainty lil dessert will definitely make you come back for more. Now I am not really into lemon flavoured desserts, I was feeling adventurous that day so I ordered this and I was so glad that I did. I was afraid that it would be too bitter or zesty for my liking but it was flavoured just right. it was more of a delicate note of lemon rather than it being overpowering. The decoration makes this super exquisite, a work of art really. I would definitely order this again! 

Altogether there are 8 branches all over the UK but there needs to be more! Have you been to Haute Dolci before? I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I cannot wait to go back again! I really enjoyed the ambience and my sweet treats, the prices were fair but it's justified haha a treat once in a while! Hope you enjoyed reading a lifestyle post instead of a beauty one. See you in the next one!

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

LasScent Simply Scented | I'm Their New Ambassador!

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are well!
So I kind of had an unintentional mini break away from blogging, The UK just recently announced a second lockdown, so I had a lot to deal with but I am happy to be back again with fresh new content and some exciting new posts planned ahead!

I already shared this news on my social media accounts but I wanted to share and feature a blog post about LasScent and also mention that I am their new brand ambassador! *throws confetti into the air*

Ok so I remember scrolling through Instagram and I came across a very eye catching photo of their wax melts, I clicked on it and it said that they were looking for brand reps and the application was super simple too! I filled in the application but I didn't think anything of it. Weeks later I got a message saying that I was chosen. I was ecstatic! Also it was a great opportunity to learn more about the company and see the actual hype behind wax melts. I have never used wax melts before since I always stick to candles but these are such a game changer!

Inside my parcel: a lovely handwritten note with a special discount code for all my followers and a special discount code just for me, a cute grey wax melt burner and five Las Scent wax melts. I was sent the following scents: Thai lime and mango, Linen fresh, Lime, basil and mandarin, Gold orchid and Rhubarb and rose.

About Las Scent:
Established in 2019, LasScent is dedicated to providing you with High Quality Scented Products, all Hand-Made & Hand-Poured. 
We are a small batch producer, who uses the Highest Percentage of Fragrance Oil to ensure every one of our products leave your home smelling fabulous.
Our fragrance blends are inspired both by popular well-known scents & everyday aromas that aim to freshen and invigorate your home. 
With a wealth of experience in chemical formulation & associated regulations, we ensure all our products are fully CLP compliant & are clearly labelled with associated safety warnings. 


Now these are just some of the amazing scents that are available. In total there are 29 different scents to choose from! From famous perfume dupes to refreshing and fruity scents. Each wax melt bar is handmade and contains a high percentage of fragrance oil. Each piece gives at least 8 hours of scent which is amazing. After using these for the very first time, I was amazed at how each piece was able to give such an amazing smell to my bedroom and kitchen. I have bought another wax melt burner for my kitchen and now I cannot function without these being lit in my home. It definitely gives a full on cosy vibe and I really prefer this to candles now. I have finished using all five scents that were sent to me and I have just recently ordered two to try. I chose Orange and cinnamon (from the ever so cute Christmas range!) and Coco Mademoiselle which smells exactly like the Chanel perfume. Out of the five wax bars that I burned I really liked the Rhubarb and rose and the fresh linen. Both were strong and instantly filled my rooms with amazing scents!

LasScent also sell diffusers, starter boxes, monthly boxes and wax burners so there are a lot of options and even an option to gift wrap so that you know the person receiving will really like their gift!
Each bar is £2.50 which I think is incredibly priced, for the amount of care and scent that has been put into these wax bars, it truly is nothing. I would definitely buy a few and keep it stored away in a cool and dark place.

All in all, My experience with LasScent is a very positive one, I really genuinely enjoy using their products in my home and I cannot wait to try more of their scents. I am all about having the right ambience at home, to chill and unwind and I know I will turn to these wax bars from now on. It's so affordable and you can totally mix and match scents to create your own.

I would love to know what type of scent do you love using in your home? I love festive and food scents! Comment below!

See you in the next post!

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

October 2020 Beauty and Food Haul

Spontanious shopping trips are always the best and I recently picked up some new bits, make-up and sweet treats which are both of my most favourite things.
I wanted to stop by at Hema because it has been way too long and I kinda saw some things on their instagram that I wanted to try and then my next priority was to stop by at Krispy Kreme because they have released some limited edition and super cute Halloween doughnuts! *Heart eyes* Oh yeah and then I visited the most instagrammable dessert parlour - Haute Dolci and I bought a box of their macarons.

You get six macarons for £8 which I think is a pretty good deal, also how cute is the pastel pink box. Macarons are so addictive and I definitely recommend it! I chose the flavours: Coconut, Raspberry, Strawberries and Cream, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry and Chocolate.

How cute are these guys?! I so wish that these were available all year round! I always try to  buy the limited edition ones since they are so extra! Haha. My favourite ones out of the three were Frankie (the green one) and Wolfie (the brown one). Have you tried this year's collection? let me know in the comments I would love to know!

Lastly, I wanted to visit Hema to check out their stationery, halloween section and most importantly the make-up!
Now I didn't know Hema launched their own makeup line called BAE and I was amazed at how pretty it all looked. It really reminded me of Glossier products too! The white and baby pink colours and minimalistic packaging. I have tried Glossier products before and I loved it all so it will be interesting to see how these perform. I also picked up a new handcream for my purse and a new lipgloss which was reduced! I love the colour of it and that it's in a tube form.

Reviews of these products will be posted soon.

So here was my little haul! Have you been to Hema before?

Monday, 19 October 2020

Miniature Munchies Sweet Treats* Review

My first edible pr/gifted item and how cute is it?! Miniature Munchies are a homemade UK based confection company and they specialise in making mini sweet treats, bitesize potions of really popular desserts. Read on to see some photos and my thoughts/review!

I love how unique their products are, I haven't seen anything like it and I was so happy to choose and taste one option from their very big menu! I opted for the popular rainbow cake but there are so many flavours to choose from. The menu is split into three sections: Classic, Fusion and Boozy. Everything from Coconut Ice to Baileys Original.

These are perfect to gift someone very special or as a treat for yourself. These would make great party favours too! The package was super cute! It fitted right through my letterbox and all of the treats stayed intact. The package had a menu card with ingredients listed and the sweet treats were wrapped in plastic wrapping.

Now onto the taste test... Guys! These were amazing! Tasted just like a slice of rainbow cake. Infact it felt exactly like I had eaten a cake slice but without the guilt haha. These bitesized beauties were super moist, soft and melted in the mouth. Just the right amount of sweetness and the vanilla flavour was perfect. They didn't last long either, one led onto the next but atleast the pictures will last longer.

For a box from the classic collection, it only costs £4.10 and it even includes postage and packaging. Delivery is quick and it can fit through your letterbox so you don't have to wait around for the postie. Do check this unique company out, you will not be disappointed.

Check out Miniature Munchies on their social: Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you so much to Miniature Munchies for this collaboration. One classic box was gifted for a review.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Autumn/Winter Fashion with Katch Me*

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are well! I have an exciting fashion collaboration to share with you all today! So I was recently contacted by Katch Me to see if I would like to review some of their new autumn/winter pieces and of course, I jumped at the chance. I was allowed to choose three pieces from the website and there was quite a range to choose from. I am really happy with all of my chosen pieces.

Katch Me are an online fashion store that stocks up to date fashion trends at very reasonable prices. They are UK based and they stock everything from cozy loungewear to shoes! They are always offering very good deals and they currently have an amazing 50 percent off with an extra 20 percent off, just remember to use the code 'LAUNCHDAY' oh and they are currently charging just 99p for standard delivery!!! Say What!

As soon as I saw this I instantly had heart eyes. This long cardigan is so me! I love the colour, length and fitting. I chose the 10/12 size which is showing up as a M/L size on the size. I was amazed at how thick this was. Feels so snug and made of good quality. I love how you can throw this on and look great! Perfect for days when it isn't so cold outside and you don't want to wear a coat. I will definitely be reaching out to this, since this can go with anything. The added pockets on either side is a great help. Really love this and for now £19.99* so worth it!

What a gorgeous blue! This teddy coat was so comfortable on! I chose this one because I love how the fabric just drapes in the front, there are no fastenings or pockets but I like that in some tops. I wouldn't call this a coat though, felt more like a warm fleecy jumper. The length is shorter than what I would normally go for but this can work so well with my other clothes. Another piece I can reach out for when it isn't that cold. It is currently out of stock on the website and it is at the moment only £4.99! I went for the same size in this too! M/L and I felt that it fitted well!

Hello cosy vibes! Ok so I'm not going to lie, this is by far, my most favourite out of the three. I have already been wearing it indoors and it's super soft! This is also available in pink! If you know me well, you would of thought that I would of chosen the pink, shocking I know but this teddy bear brown colour really attracted me more! It literally feels like I am wearing my winter dressing gown. The wrists are elasticated which gives it a nice touch and there are also pockets! Big enough to fit my phone! The hood makes you feel extra snug, perfect for lounging in! This is an oversized fit and when it come to clothing like this I always size up to the max so I opted for the XL in this. Everyone needs to own this! It's only £19.99* at the moment too! 

I was very impressed with the quality of the clothes and the fast delivery but one thing that needs to be improved is the sizing. The sizing only ranges from S to L, only a handful were sized up to XL like my brown hooded teddy jacket. If the sizing range was huge, it could reach a bigger audience. Other than the sizing issue, I really liked all of my pieces and I would recommend Katch Me to everyone! Have a look on their website am sure you will find something that you will like.

Hope you enjoyed my first proper fashion collaborative post!

All all the items featured were gifted from Katch Me*

Monday, 28 September 2020

Soap and Glory Eye Make-Up Essentials*

Good things come in pretty pink packages and when this arrived on my doorstep I just couldn't decide which product to swatch first. This box of goodies contained eye products, so everything from eye make-up remover to Soap and Glory's best selling and iconic liquid liner. I am obsessed with not only their skincare but also their make-up too! Read on to see a list/prices of the products that I received!

Here's what I received:
  • Puffy Eye Attack Triple Jelly Eye Make-Up Remover £5*
  • Thick and Fast Waterproof Mascara £10*
  • Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Sticks x3 Matte Rose/Rose Glitter, Grey All Day/Putting On The Glitz and Coco Crush/Golden Crush £7* each
  • Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen £6* 

I will be sharing my views on each product individually in posts to come but I will give you my initial thoughts and let you know (in depth) how the eye make-up remover since I have been using it a lot lately.

Ok so this is my first ever proper eye make-up remover because I usually just use the Garnier micellar water to remove everything but I do usually like to switch up my skin care and make up products. I loved the cooling effect once I felt the product on my eyelids and the surrounding eye area, the jelly texture really makes this unique to use. I simply put a coin sized amount on a cotton wool pad and dab it into the pad before applying it onto my eyes. This stuff really picks up everything! From eyeshadow, concealer to even stubborn mascara!

The eye make-up remover is suitable for ALL skin types including sensitive skin! This truly melts away any stubborn makeup and the added green tea, vitamin C and pro vitamin B5 really helps to cool, depuff and moisturise the eye area whilst removing all the residue on the skin and eye area... AMAZING! It's so gentle and doesn't irritate the eye area at all. I do quite a lot of eye make-up looks on my make-up Instagram and so this has really been helping in effectively removing all traces of make-up and I really enjoy taking it off because this cools the eye area and I love the added skin benefits in the product. Definitely recommend this and I would definitely buy this once I finish my press sample.

Now moving onto the other eye make-up essentials from S&G! I knew about their iconic and much loved Supercat liner and I was so happy to receive this. Will have to review this soon. The waterproof mascara is super cute, I don't usually go for waterproof mascaras so this will be interesting to use and lastly, my favourite out of the whole box has to be the eyeshadow stick trio. The colours are so beautiful and these are so great for on the go. I will upload swatches and a review of this soon. Such lovely packaging and very Instagram worthy too!

What is your favourite Soap and Glory Product? comment below!

Items marked with * were gifted, this post contains press samples.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Pure Anada NEW Colour Collection Eye and Cheek Palette in Dauntless* and Petal Perfect Lipstick in Persuasion* Review

I swear the more I use Pure Anada products, the more I fall in love with their products. I am already a huge fan of their skincare products so I was really ecstatic to see these when they landed on my doorstep.
The eyeshadow palette has a lovely range of pink/berry tones which is something I don't normally go for but I'm up for experimenting! who knows this might just become my new everyday palette. The lipstick shade is so me! So I know I will get a good wear out of it.

About Pure Anada:
Pure Anada is a Canadian company, founded in 2003 by Candice Grenier. Each and every product is vegan and cruelty free, Yay!!
All of the products are handcrafted/made with love and are made from fresh, wholesome ingredients directly from nature,so only the best plants and minerals are sourced and used.
All products from Pure Anada are available in the UK to buy from a website called Live In The Light.

Product descriptions:

Dauntless Compact Palette  £29.95*
A cost-effective purchase, the Pressed Blush & Eye Colours included in the Compact Collection come in refills so if you run out of one of the colours, you can restock by purchasing the refill in that colour and just pop it into your compact.
The Dauntless Compact Collection Includes:
Dahlia Pressed Blush
Drama Queen Pressed Eye Shadow - Beauty Bible 2020 Award winner**
Dapper Pressed Eye Shadow
Harmony Pressed Eye Shadow
Sweetheart Pressed Eye Shadow
** Silver, Best Natural & Beauty Steal Award Winner.

I really like this eyeshadow palette. It contains three shimmery shades and one matte shade. I was amazed at the colour pay off. The swatches above were without an eye primer so you can imagine how much more beautiful they will look once you use an eye base. The texture is very smooth and easy to work with! You can blend them into a perfect smoky eye for a date night or even create a subtle eye look for day to day wear. These four shades really work together well and can be used individually too! The shimmer isn't too glittery or shiny but gives dimension to the eyes and will definitely compliment your outfit. I really like the dark purple shade the most. The blusher is a good size and it enables you to easily swirl your blusher brush into the pan. This is very pigmented so you don't even need to use alot. This blusher can compliment any skin tone and there are also mini specks of gold shimmer that looks amazing when it catches the light. I like this palette because of the added blusher and you can actually replace the eyeshadow and blusher pans once they are finished, you can purchase refills separately so you don't have to buy the whole palette again, genius! 

Petal Perfect Lipstick in 'Persuasion' £9.95*
Persuasion is a dusty and beautiful shade of lipstick with a matte finish and creamy texture. Colour Description: Dusty rose
In order to achieve the colouring, our Matte Lipsticks are pigmented with titanium dioxide and iron oxide. You can be sure that Persuasion Lipstick is vegan and contains no carmine or dyes.  No silicone or artificial flavours… just fabulous moisture and colour from nature!
This moisture-intensive natural lipstick features certified organic rosehip seed oil, rich butters, plant oils, and waxes to provide a smooth, creamy consistency.
Rosehip Seed Oil is known to repair dry, damaged skin and promote cell regeneration. A perfect treatment to hydrate and smooth your lips!
• 100% Organic & Mineral Ingredients • Vegan & Cruelty-Free • No Silicone • No Petroleum Dyes • No Artificial Flavours

Such a pretty colour! I have already used this lipstick alot and I love everything about it. The colour, the wear time, the creamy consistency and the added natural ingredients so it gives something back.
This shade is described as a dusty rose and it really looks like your lips but better. A perfect everyday shade to wear. It really feels like a high end lipstick and is definitely underrated! The consistency is so creamy it almost feels like a liquid lipstick, feels very light on the lips too so it doesn't even feel like you are wearing lipstick. The added rosehip seed oil ensures that your lips are kept moisturised and this is probably the most cleanest and nature friendly lipstick I own! The added natural ingredients really makes this a joy to apply. The price is perfect for this product! The shade range is fabulous too! So many colours to suit everyone.

All in all, I really enjoyed using both of these products and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for vegan friendly, clean and make-up products that deliver high colour results without any nasty chemicals or anything artificial. Have you tried Pure Anada make-up? Check out all of the products here - link

Monday, 14 September 2020

REVIEW | Essie 343 Hubby For Dessert

Believe it or not but this is my first ever Essie polish *hides away* this was actually from a set I got on my birthday, I believe it was from a bridal collection. These are mini polishes (not the actual size of a normal essie polish) I love how small they are too! So easy to travel with! I am a huge pastel fan so I immediately fell in love with this shade.

Product description:
smooth. sweet. rich. however you slice it, this irresistible sheer candied lilac takes the cake.

I had no idea how this Essie polish would perform, All of my current polishes have a reasonably good amount of wear time and with a top coat it would last atleast upto 5-6 days without chipping but I have heard great things about Essie polishes.
As with all pastel polishes, application can be abit tricky. I found that applying a base coat is best for this shade as it gives the perfect foundation to work with. The first coat is very sheer but I applied it atleast four times to fully achieve opacity. You can still see my nail line but I love that look plus there are no streaks either.

I'm loving Hubby For Dessert, It's such a sweet and pretty nail lacquer and perfect for spring/summer. The gorgeous lilac shade is a must for your nail polish collection. Amazingly I was able to get a week's wear before I got my first chip and that truly is incredible for a nail polish. In this mini bridal collection there were two more nail polishes, a baby pink and a bright darker pink but out of the three polishes, I would say that this one is my favourite.

Can't believe it took me so long to try a Essie Polish, I now have five shades in my wishlist. They're so addictive to buy aren't they?!

What is your favourite Essie nail polish?

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

REVIEW | Natural Handmade Henna Cones by Reem

Henna is something I have really been liking alot lately and when Eid was approaching I had to source a henna cone fast because I decided to attempt doing henna myself for the very first time. I was nervous because I have never tried doing it myself and I was confused since there are SO many henna companies/brands to choose from.

So anyway I started following many talented henna artists/companies and that's how I discovered Reem Henna and I am so glad that I did.
It was the beautiful pink aesthetic that really caught my attention so I immediately followed her on Instagram and checked out her etsy store - link

I was amazed. The henna cones were so affordable and seeing all the positive reviews made me super excited to receive my order. I was also glad because I didn't have to bulk buy the cones because there were other artists who were selling their handmade cones but you had to buy like 10...10! I only needed one haha.

My package was so pretty and the little touches like the handwritten note, the glittery washi tape and the pink instructions really made this the perfect package to receive. Reem really does give it her all when packaging her orders and I was also happy to receive a lil pot of sealant in my order too. Some companies charge extra for those but it's so nice that she added one.

All of her henna cones are organic and handmade, the smell was so gorgeous and you could really tell that it was fresh. I knew my stain was going to be fabulous too but I ended up dming her loads for tips and she was the most friendliest and helped me along the way.
I was able to hold the cone comfortably and the tip size was perfect for delicate designs.

I kept my henna on for atleast five hours and then as Reem suggested, wrap your hand in some cling film and keep it on. Obviously you get the best henna stains if kept on overnight so that's what I will try next time. I was also curious about storage so she said that it's perfectly ok to keep in the freezer after use and can be used two more times (depending on how much you use) The size was decent too, not too much and not too little. 
Overally I was very impressed with my order, the actual henna cone and afterstain and how sweet she was when I had like 100 questions haha. I definitely recommend checking out her henna cones, perfect for beginners to pros!

Reem's Etsy store - link and Instagram - link
Be sure to check out her work and follow her!

Hope you enjoyed my review! See you in the next post!