Tuesday, 24 March 2020

New Miniso Beauty Haul

I have said this before and I will say it again. The UK needs a Miniso! Like, seriously! Every time I visit Pakistan I always NEED to go to this adorable store! You can find everything in here from cute eye masks to pastel coloured toys for children. It has it all!

So on my recent trip, I picked up a few items. I wanted to buy some eye masks but it wasn't at the store that I shopped at. I absolutely loved everything that I had picked up.

If cute packaging is your thing then It will be hard to buy just one thing haha! Even the make-up stand instantly makes you want to swatch the 10865 different lipsticks and tinted lip balms. I really had no plan to buy this tinted lip balm either!

I picked up five items, all beauty. so first up. The peel off nail polishes! I have been looking for peel off polishes for quite some time and it's hard to find some decent ones in the UK so when I spotted these I instantly grabbed the green one, such a cute shade and the thing is with nail polishes at Miniso is that you have to buy two, so the second one I opted for was the glittery one. Atleast it won't be hard to remove.

The hand masks were a random purchase. I actually wanted the self heated eye masks but there were none. The packaging again is so adorable. With an image of a baby's hand, it automatically makes you think baby soft skin so I am very excited to try it out. I have never tried a hand mask before so this will be fun!

The hand sanitisers were buy one get one free which was great! I chose a different scent though since I always opt for strawberry or sweeter scents. I chose grapefruit and what I love is that it already comes with a holder so that you can clip onto your bag. So neat!

Lastly the tinted lip balm, the baby pink packaging just screamed at me and well, I guess it is one to add to ever growing collection... oops! I will definitely review this on it's own because I know it will be something I will use often.

So there you have it, my cute mini haul! What do you think about the things that I picked up? and have you been to Miniso before?

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