Monday, 13 April 2020

Lush Christmas Candy Box Review

This is literally a cheer in a box! After ages I treated myself to some Lush bits in the boxing day sale and luckily there were a few of these left. The single bath bombs were out of stock but this was the only way to get a bottle of the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel and one of their ever popular Christmas bath bombs.
Overall this really is the perfect gift to buy since it contains the main Christmas themed products and I just love the wrapping paper, so eye catching. This was half price and I believe it was around £7 and definitely worth it since Lush have really upped the prices on the whole range. 

This gift box contains three popular sweetly scented Lush products:
Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb and a Candy Cane reusable bubble bar. 
The Lush Christmas collection is by far my most favourite collection to look forward to each year and last year it did not disappoint.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100g) is Lush's ultimate shower gel that comes back every year. Snow Fairy is a sweet fragrance with notes of bubblegum and candy floss combined with Persian lime oil and not only that it also contains stunning silver/blue iridescent shimmer which definitely finishes of the product nicely. I was a bit late to hop onto the snow fairy loving bandwagon but I know now why it is such a popular product amongst everyone.

The Candy Cane reusable Bubble Bar is a solid version of a liquid bubble bath. I have used bubble bars from Lush before but for me it's kind of a hit or miss. For me personally, I would just use the whole thing rather than saving it for my second bubble bath. I guess I just rather have as much scent and bubbles that I can possibly get in a bath. This has a more citrusy scent thanks to the added Silician Lemon and Bergamot Oils. Looking at this product, it would make you think that it smells minty which was a bit disappointing seeing as it would match well with candy cane image but I will still use this regardless. I also find that it's best to use bubble bars along with another product, such as a Bath Bomb for a better bath cocktail.

You could even pair it up with Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, this majestic bath bomb is so cute and appealing. This is my first ever too since I always opt for the Golden Wonder and Shoot For The Stars Bath Bombs (my ultimate faves) now this bath bomb shares it's scent with the Comforter family. With fruity cassis absolute and bergamot oil give this seasonal treat a warm, blackcurrant-esque smell. I think that the scent definitely matches the look of this Bath Bomb, it's fruity, fun and it really gets you into the festive spirit.

I will review these three products individually soon so do keep an eye out for those reviews! I am definitely looking forward to taking some amazing bath art photos too.

Which Lush Christmas product do you wish was available all year round? Mine would definitely have to be the Shoot For The Stars Bath bomb!