Tuesday, 1 September 2020

REVIEW | Natural Handmade Henna Cones by Reem

Henna is something I have really been liking alot lately and when Eid was approaching I had to source a henna cone fast because I decided to attempt doing henna myself for the very first time. I was nervous because I have never tried doing it myself and I was confused since there are SO many henna companies/brands to choose from.

So anyway I started following many talented henna artists/companies and that's how I discovered Reem Henna and I am so glad that I did.
It was the beautiful pink aesthetic that really caught my attention so I immediately followed her on Instagram and checked out her etsy store - link

I was amazed. The henna cones were so affordable and seeing all the positive reviews made me super excited to receive my order. I was also glad because I didn't have to bulk buy the cones because there were other artists who were selling their handmade cones but you had to buy like 10...10! I only needed one haha.

My package was so pretty and the little touches like the handwritten note, the glittery washi tape and the pink instructions really made this the perfect package to receive. Reem really does give it her all when packaging her orders and I was also happy to receive a lil pot of sealant in my order too. Some companies charge extra for those but it's so nice that she added one.

All of her henna cones are organic and handmade, the smell was so gorgeous and you could really tell that it was fresh. I knew my stain was going to be fabulous too but I ended up dming her loads for tips and she was the most friendliest and helped me along the way.
I was able to hold the cone comfortably and the tip size was perfect for delicate designs.

I kept my henna on for atleast five hours and then as Reem suggested, wrap your hand in some cling film and keep it on. Obviously you get the best henna stains if kept on overnight so that's what I will try next time. I was also curious about storage so she said that it's perfectly ok to keep in the freezer after use and can be used two more times (depending on how much you use) The size was decent too, not too much and not too little. 
Overally I was very impressed with my order, the actual henna cone and afterstain and how sweet she was when I had like 100 questions haha. I definitely recommend checking out her henna cones, perfect for beginners to pros!

Reem's Etsy store - link and Instagram - link
Be sure to check out her work and follow her!

Hope you enjoyed my review! See you in the next post!


  1. Oh wow your henna looks amazing! I haven't tried henna in years, your design is so pretty xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

    1. Thank you SO much Gemma, it truly means alot! ^^


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