Friday, 25 November 2011

George by asda eyeliners

OK i know what you might be thinking why asda cosmetics? It is fun to experiment with different brands cheap or pricey.
so the two colours i picked up was alien (teal with intensive amount of glitter) and the gold (metallic shine) price range £2 - £3 I become such a magpie when it come to glittery and shiny things :D here are the snapshots of the products :)

I was surprised by how good the quality was because both the eyeliners had a looooooooong durability, both colours had great colour and shine. My favorite was the shade alien because i happened to like that colour,the quality was up to a high standard and i wore it to a wedding and lasted the whole day without wearing off. I would definitely recommend this product because it met all of my criteria.

Feel free to add comments, would you ever buy cosmetics that were cheap or would you stick to trusted brands?

Peace and love

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