Wednesday, 23 November 2011

OMG post. Dior luminising make up pendant.

OMG! my first OMG posts are basically me talking about the AWESOMEST (not a word) products out.
I finally now own a limited edition collectible from Dior. This is a make up jewel (amber in colour) which opens up to a cute compartment with make up inside, it is actually a highlighter for the eyes, cheeks, lips, brow bones, shoulders or anywhere else you want. The actual pendant is decorated with crystals and it has a mirror inside. The actual pendant comes with a elegant satin red ribbon. This product has definitely exceeded my expectations for Dior, when I tried the product on my hand to test, the colour and sparkles were at the same ratio. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! here are the images

My rating 10 on 10 <3
Tell me what you think? cute and cheerful or will you give it a pass?

Peace & love

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