Friday, 9 December 2011

Avon ultra colour rich mega impact lipstick- my review

all the colours available.

Very long name for a lipstick but can it live up to its name?

with flash (colour shown is pink pop)

without flash

without flash

with flash

Avon is a brand that really excels with its lipsticks and when i finally got hold of one i had to post about it. The ad description of this lipstick states that the colour magnifiers boost the colour by highlighting and reflecting the true colour, so what you see is richer and more impactful. Rich, creamy formula, wears for hours. SPF15.
my views are that this lipstick does show subtle colour just like a tint and you need to reapply many coats for a strong colour, it also shows a subtle gold shimmer, i also think this product is a cross over between a lipstick and a lipgloss because of its moisturising factor and it leaves the lips feeling soft. However what i found was that the lipstick doesn't have a long lasting effect and it does need often reapplying. What i love about this product is that the actual design and look of the lipstick is both visually cute and practically clever, the lipstick allows you to get a defined lip line without the use of a lip liner. This gives the lips a sheeny look so if you love your mattes this isn't the lipstick for you. I give this product a overall rating of 8/10.

Are you a big fan of Avon cosmetics?

Peace and love


  1. I love the shape of the lipsticks, they look so cool! Great swatch, that shade is stunning!

  2. yeah me too! i loved the shape of the lipsticks hence i had to post about this ^^ am glad the swatches came out good even though i used my camera from my blackberry which wouldn't be ideal for taking pictures of swatches lol.


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