Wednesday, 28 December 2011

POST Boxing day sales

And so the shop i decided to visit was New look, I haven't shopped there for a while and i wanted to see if could pick up some worthy 'bargains' but nothing caught my eye, was all the usual basics e.g. tees, dresses, trousers, cardigans and coats that were similar to what i had purchased in H&M. However what did catch my eye was the non sale items especially the shoes... woah the shoes! the colours and the overall construction of each piece. I did not purchase any clothes but i did purchase a OH SO CUTE vintage jewellery stand (pics are below) it was kinda necessary since my jewellery box started to over flow.

The loooooooooooong queue, couldn't fit the whole queue on my phone's camera

Woooo NON sale items

I am very happy with this purchase, instead of buying clothes i'll never wear it was ideal to buy this practical yet CUTE vintage jewellery stand item.

Was you able to find alot of clothes/items on Boxing day? or was you unable to find anything?

Peace and love

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  1. WOW..there is lot of good stuff. I can't wait more for boxing day. I usually make my list in advance for this day so that I don't waste my time in thinking.
    Boxing day store hours


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