Monday, 5 December 2011

Shuhe (foreign brand) whitening foundation milk

A gift that was given to me recently so i thought to create a post on this quite unique make up. Shuhe i believe is a brand from Pakistan but i have never heard of it, This foundation actually helps with whitening your skin too. Asian skin suffers more from dark patches, hyperpigmentation, under eye dark circles, melasma and also this can even out your skin tone. The back of the tube contains this list of what this foundation does to your skin and its benefits.
As you can see when i tested it on the back of my hand, the foundation was way lighter than expected and it seemed to be very heavily perfumed... almost like roses and sugar... eeeeeeooow! 
with flash

without flash

blended in well :o
Magically the foundation was able to blend in to my skin perfectly, there was no traces of an 'ivory like' colour but sadly the strong perfume smell stayed... I do however like this foundation for it many benefits for asian skin, i am just not keen on the smell... i guess i won't be using large quantities on my face.

How far would you go to try different cosmetics from different countries? wearable? or would you stick to trusted brands that are available in the UK? 

Peace and love

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