Friday, 9 December 2011

Simply marble... lous

Marbleized makeup is a beautiful way to create multiple effects on your face. The lighter colors help to reflect light and neutralize, while the darker colors add depth and surprise splashes of color. 
You can find these marvellous marbled effects in make up products like eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher. MAC sell some gorgeous eye shades that are available in many marbleized shades, the only problem is that you wouldn't know which one to buy. I have decided to review my new eyeshadow from maybelline called eyestudio in the shade jadedusseldorf. This was the only colour that caught my eye in the collection but that was in my opinion.

shade- jade dusseldorf from maybelline

the colour it makes when you glide over the eyeshadow once
another shot

And so back to the review, The colours that i see included in the whole pretty marble effect eyeshadow are teal, baby pink, black and an aqua blue colour, when i swiped my brush across the eyeshadow and tested it on my hand, the colour came out more of a mauve/blueish colour. This eyeshadow had good staying power but as always a primer will be beneficial. If you look closely at the picture of the swatch on my hand you can see sparkles of pink,green,silver and gold glitter. It is not heavily glittered which is good, it just shows the right amount of shimmer and the pigmentation is up to a high standard. What is also handy is the other half of the eyeshadow which is a navy blue colour, this duo lets you play arond with colour and let you decide how heavy or subtle you want your eye make up to be. A fantastic eyeshadow, i give this a rating of 10 on 10.

Peace and love


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