Sunday, 18 December 2011

Upcoming CHANEL make up line for Spring 2012.


Name of collection: Les Harmonies de printemps.
About the collection: Delicate and accentuates a woman’s natural beauty. The collection features many soft pinks and peaches with some notes of deeper color like garnet and plum. “Les Harmonies de Printemps” will be in stores early 2012 in late January/early February. The collection is very pretty and is perfect for spring and summer when makeup tends to be lighter and more natural. The Chanel spring collection has definitely captured the colours and the essence of spring, When you think of spring you automatically think of light pinks, peaches and possibly green (green is not used in the collection however). Every season collection from Chanel NEVER disappoints.

Take a peek...

One of my favourite products from this line is the blusher, it is limited edition and in one compact, five pink and peach tones mimic the luminous hues of sunset. This unique powder blush lends itself to multiple effects: blended together, the harmony is ideal for sculpting and accentuating the natural contours of the face. Using just the pink shades creates a fresh, youthful flush, while on their own, the peach tones produce a warm, sun-bronzed glow.
The colors may look a bit intense in the pan, while blended together, it looks a lot more natural with a hint of glow. The love at first sight sure did not disappoint. These soft peachy pink colors really tell us that Spring is coming. Here's an exclusive swatch of the blush the first pic is showing all the colours on it own (so vibrant!) and the second pic is showing all the colours blended together. I think the colour is spot on because it is not dark or harsh in any way and it gives a subtle shimmer too! (bonus!)

Images courtesy of google...  I will OWN one soon.. Can't wait

Peace and love


  1. OOO can't wait for some of these colours! gorgeous collection

  2. ^^ Chanel never fails to disappoint anyone, i think this collection will definitely sell quick.


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