Friday, 2 December 2011

What's in my vanity case 1 of 2

Being a make up artist you start to realise that space becomes very limited because you end up buying so much make up (plus point! :D) but where do you keep it all? This is one vanity case i have where i have put some make up items in, i also have another vanity case which i will show you in another post and on top of that i have a large make up bag that carries my daily essentials.

Let's see what awaits inside...

This is my bigger vanity case, definitely bigger than my second one and so i put alot of my extras in here. I have a big collection of eyeliners and mascaras and i keep them all in here. I also keep all of my nail varnishes here too because i find it easier to keep them all in the longer compartment, i have also kept my new powders and concealers in here. Another handy item i have kept in here is the asda face primer which is a new product and i think it works well though the price was cheap (was £3 i believe) i keep extra sponges and extra body decor in the side compartment e.g. gems, bindis etc. I also keep my salve (lovely product <3) and my spare lipglosses in here, sometimes i interchange my products from here to my make up bag depending on my mood. At the moment am in the "au naturel" state of mind so i think you know where i  would store all my volumising mascaras hehe at the moment all my make up is in bags but later on i would want to organise them and put them in them cute compartment boxes you get from craftshops.

vanity case 2 will be featured soon.. stay tuned :)

Peace and love


  1. wow, there is a lot in there! I really need to be more organised with my makeup! Its all over the place!

  2. yeah,but this is only one of my vanity cases lol i really need to buy one of them drawers to organise my make up :)

  3. That is an adorable case! Great post sweetie :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    I'm really loving your blog!

  4. aww :D thank you for such lovely comments, glad your liking the blog. I love your blog too :)

  5. awesome blog! enjoyed browsing through your posts, and i really love your posts. new follower. hope we can inspire each other and stay connected. cheers! :)

  6. Thank you for such a nice comment!


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