Thursday, 26 January 2012


I won't be able to blog for some days (POSSIBLE WEEKS) :( due to changing the internet provider... my current one is giving me trouble but as soon as the new connection is up and running the posting will be back to normal.. 
Meanwhile you can be updated on my twitter... i do use that alot and i will be able to let you know when i can start posting again.



will be back soon...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ash Kumar: the best Henna and make up artist in my opinion...

If you have never heard of Ash Kumar then you are seriously missing out.
He is a leading Henna artist... he has done work with leading Bollywood and even Hollywood celebrities!
His work always inspires me because he comes up with such interesting designs.... Watch this video and be ready to be bedazzled!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Missoni nails by

If you haven't heard of then it is about time you did! i absolutely love and follow their blog + website.
Has tutorials for make up (my fave is how Lauren Conrad does her eyeliner) hair and picture tutorials too!
The website to go to...

This is one of their cute picture tutorials which i shall be attempting soon ^^

Miss piggy for MAC

MAC have done it again with another iconic collaboration. They've had pretty much every beauty superstar on their books, but we think you'll agree that MAC's latest line is pretty special! Get your hands on the Eye Shadow in Miss Piggy Pink (£11.50), the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack (£14.00) and 36 Lash False Lashes (£10)
Comes out in February 2012 <3

Monday, 23 January 2012

VINTAGE SHOUTOUT: Oscar de la renta

My whole family knows how much i am into vintagey things so how lucky was i when i received this, My aunty actually gave me this little pot of happiness. She used to work for Selfridges in London. This small pot of face powder is the scent of an old Oscar de la renta perfume called ruffles, the product has been discontinued (why? i do not know)
The powder is chalky white with sparkles and it smells like sugar and pearls (that is how i would describe it)
I use this very rarely because i want to keep some product in the actual pot and it can also be used as a highlighter.
I absolutely love this!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The perfect shine spray... my review!

In search for the ultimate shine spray is now over, depending on what shampoo I use my hair reacted in many ways, one day it would be sleek and wavy and the next it would be mega fluffy and a lil frizzy but I have found a saviour for them days... I actually bought this from a afro Caribbean hair care store. There was many hair care products that I couldn't decide what to purchase, there was many oils, creams, shampoos, conditioners and so on and from so many brands... I was reading on this bottle and I thought this should be able to help and on the plus side this can be used on any hair types. 

Costed me only £3.50

I do not know if its visible enough but this is my hair without the spray, it was quite dry and a bit of frizz.

You can see here that the smaller section is without the spray and the bigger section is with the spray, if you can see the difference, The spray did not make my hair greasy or make it heavy with weight because of the product. I just blow dried my hair and sprayed the product and combed it through, the result was that my hair really was shiny, soft and even smelt nice. The spray also contains vitamins which are also great! something I think my hair lacks.

My review for this product is...
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 9/10

I would definitely recommend this product!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Maybelline's Baby lips

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on these pretty lip balms.... they have been released in the US and possibly other countries.. except the UK (sob) 
Lately I have been purchasing alot of lip balms and I definitely want to add these to my collection.
These lip balms contain SPF 20 and it gives you 8 hr hydration for visibly renewed lips in weeks too.

Cherry me

Grape vine

Peach kiss ^^ i really wanna buy this one...


Pink punch


Heavily embroidered gowns...

At this very moment i am loving these colours on asian gowns, shades like ferozi and turquoise are one of my favourite colours. It is now time for me to choose the ultimate Walima outfit but I am so stuck as to what colour to wear :( to those of you who are asking what is a Walima? it is a lavish reception (like a feast) that is held for guests by the bride and groom.
Time to hit google and look for inspiration.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New tutorial: how to apply liquid eyeliner

This is another tutorial that I have made simply because this was the second highest vote that was on my poll, second most popular make up item that everyone found difficult to use was the liquid eyeliner, I hope this helps everyone who has been struggling and this is how I use my liquid liner in easy steps.

Using my fave Lakme liquid eyeliner

Slowly glide the eyeliner along the lash line

Once you reach the end of the lashline create a small flick upwards

Now create a v shape from the bottom lash line and fill in any gaps

Perfect any gaps and remove any mistake with a cotton bud and eye make up remover

Using my fave Lancome khol pencil

(ignore the face am pulling lol) and simply apply the khol eyeliner on your waterline

and there you have it, my way on using liquid eyeliner, (looking down view)

(looking in front angle)

Hope this has helped and watch this space for more tutorials that will be posted up shortly...

A totally unrelated topic...

I just had to post this... this is toooooooo cute ^^ basically this is what my auntie's son created to take to school, he decided to make a card for his teacher (awww) I supervised of course and he seems to currently have an obsession with aliens and spaceships.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Accessories to add to my collection - January 2012

Recently I have added alot of new clothes to my ever growing collection but in terms of accessories it has been quite a while since I even bought a pair of nice earrings and so in search for some vintage style rings and earrings I ended up buying these beauties ^^
I am currently saving up for a decent watch too but i can't decide between Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors... Anywho here are the latest additions to my collection.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden globes 2012: in pictures

Golden globes is one of the most elegant award ceremonies that takes place in the US every year.
All the celebs show off their latest couture, elegant hair make up and accessories.
Just like the Oscars, this award ceremony recognises excellence in film and television both domestic and foreign.
Here are some of what the celebs wore on the evening of 16th January

Angelina jolie

Ariel winter

Charlize theron

Claire danes

Elle macpherson

Freida pinto

Giuliana rancic

Kate beckinsale

Madeliene stowe

Nicole richie

Salma hayek

Sarah michelle geller

Shailene woodley

Sofia vergera

Zooey deschanel
Lea michele
Heidi klum

Jessica alba