Saturday, 14 January 2012

Featured interview with Saffi Khan MUA henna and hair artist

Last year in March I got the privilage of attending a henna class that was ran by Saffi Khan and I must say she's really talented at what she does.
She started the session by giving us a talk about henna history and we even got to see a presentation of her portfolio work.
After the presentation we were given henna cones (both the traditional henna which was brown in colour and also glittery henna which came in a variety of colours)
We got to play around with the henna cones and try to create patterns of our own or copy the patterns from a range of images.
For my first ever attempt of henna I thought it was quite tough especially when trying to grip the cone and the amount of pressure that had to be used to allow the henna to come out for a reasonable amount (should not be thin)
I saw how popular Saffi became when everyone started wanting 'sample henna designs' that Saffi done herself and when it was my turn I was truly astonished as to how fast she created the design and how pretty the design was, Saffi created a floral henna pattern on my hand which she did without looking at any images.. truly pretty and elegant.

My first attempt at using a henna cone, found it quite hard to handle but i must admit it was fun using the glittery henna cone.

Saffi's design on my hand

different angle... 

I wanted to find out more about Saffi's work so i asked her some questions, read on to see what she said...

What was the experience like when learning through Joshiv beauty?

Learning though joshiv was great; I enjoyed myself and met alot of nice people. 

Your favourite make up brand?

I do not have one favourite band of make-up, there are many good ranges within a brand namely Mac, bobby brown, Armani, sometimes you need mix and match to get the right pigment/colour needed for a look and type of skin of a client.

What inspired you to become a henna/hair and make up artist? 

I have always had an interest in hair and beauty from a young age. At school I was admired for my artistic skills which inspired me further to excel in my talent. 

How long has it been since you became a professional?

Over the 11years I have attended various training, courses in the UK and overseas including Joshiv. I have adopted the skills which I have acquired in shows, photo shoots and training programmes to ensure I create the individual look that my client desires. I am overjoyed to see my clients satisfied every time. I have trained students who have gone on to achieve some excellent work.

Any advice you would give to other aspiring henna/hair or make up artist? 

I do believe that if you want to achieve something, with motivation and dedication it is possible; just keep improving your skills by attending courses and practising!

These are some of Saffi's portfolio work which she kindly let me use for this blog post :)

Thanks to Saffi for the finding time to help me create this blog post, if you wish to contact her for anything related to hair, make up or henna then she can be found on facebook. 

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