Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy new year to all! May the new year bring everyone good health, good luck, lots of love and happiness!
I just wanted to say that this year will definitely be the one for me! I am aiming to take Bows and Pearls to the top! (or near enough) it will also be a great start for me to work on my fitness (guilty as charged) and more importantly reconnect with family and friends. 
Though i started this blog in November 2011 i hope everyone is liking and enjoying this blog (click LIKE on FB for my page), If anyone has any comments on how they would like to see the blog improve or have any requests on what i should post then feel free to post your comments.
One last thing the poll closed with TWO popular make up items everyone felt that they found difficult when using (6 votes each) so i decided i will be doing TWO tutorials on how to use eyeshadow and eyeliner! (Woop woop) they will be posted shortly...
Happy new year from London <3 ^^ 

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