Monday, 2 January 2012

How to apply eyeshadow... winner of my poll

My poll closed with EYESHADOW being one of the most voted make up item that everyone found difficult to use, so i  made a step by step picture tutorial on how to create a simple but effective look with neutrals and browns. Hope this helps and enjoy! my second tutorial on how to apply eyeliner will be up shortly too ^^

The products i used were: Anew skin transforming primer which i got from Avon ,Kryolan eyeshadows in Highlight and Sudan, my favorite brown mascara, Maxfactor eyeshadow in Almond and Charles fox brushes.

I first applied the skin primer using a brush all over my eyelids and near my brow bone. 

Make sure the primer is blended and distributed well

Straight away i applied my neutral light brown eyeshadow base all over the lid

Now that the base is done, I used a darker brown to create a 'V' like shape on the lid,  i patted the colour on with an eyeshadow brush but making sure i didn't use too much because i didn't want it OTT

Blend, blend, blend!!! until your happy with the overall look

To create dimension to the look i used the highlight colour which was like an off white colour,  using a smaller brush i applied the colour on my lash line

I used the highlight colour on my brow bone

And i used the highlight colour on my water line (optional)

Looking down view of the finished look

Looking forward view of the finished look

NOTE: the colours i used was for a day look, i also showed the techniques of how to apply eyeshadow correctly so hopefully this has helped so now you can experiment with colours and get people talking!
Stay tuned for my easy step by step tutorial on how to apply eyeliner :)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, love it!


  2. No problemo! ^^ glad you loved it

  3. This is so helpful! Eyeshadow can be tricky. :)

  4. I always found that these tips helped alot with my makeup


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