Sunday, 19 February 2012

Giorgio Armani consultation 16/02/12

This was the day i finally got a chance to do a consultation with Giorgio Armani, i am very new to their make up. I have never tried or bought any make up from Giorgio Armani and this was the perfect opportunity to learn about the product and try them out too. My look was done by a lovely make up artist called Louise. She explained all the products very well and used quite a number of products on my face.
She first used a cleanser and toner (from the GA collection) it is important that you cleanse and tone you skin before applying any make because it removes traces of make up, dirt and provides you with a clean 'canvas' to work on. A fluid master primer was applied to my face, i absolutely loved it because it was a multi use primer and it happened to smell good, this costs £34.00.

Louise then introduced me to the different types of foundation GA do, i wanted a light coverage because am loving the natural look these days and i don't really tend to go with heavy coverage. The foundation she used was called Luminious silk foundation which costs £34.00 and it actually felt like i wasn't wearing a foundation, normally with other foundations you tend to feel like your wearing a light 'mask' over your face but this matched my skin perfectly too, i was a shade 6.

After the foundation, she then applied a sheer bronzer (£31.00) this was to add definition to my face and add a bit of contouring, this wasn't heavy either though the pigment was dark it wasn't too apparent which was good.

Time for the cheeks, and i was introduced to this NEW mousse like blusher called cheek fabric (£29.00), this was simply applied by putting it on the back of your hand and using a face brush you dab and while smiling you apply it to the apples of your cheeks, i usually go for pink/peach shades so she chose the shade 3 for me which was the lightest pink, after it was applied to my face my skin looked fresh and radiant. i would definitely recommend buying this product!

Time for the eyes (my favorite bit!) and so i asked about the different types of mascara they have and the Eyes to kill excess mascara (£24.50) matched my criteria, because i already have really long eyelashes this mascara would add 'drama' and it really added volume and definition to my eyelashes

and lastly to finish off my look i asked if i could use a lipgloss gloss d'armani £23.50, i opted for nude... nothing too bold. This was the first lipgloss that actually stayed on for so long (i had a milkshake straight after the consultation) and the lipgloss still was there! :O the colour and shine were both equally fantastic, If you need a lipgloss with long staying power i suggest to you that go and buy it from Giorgio Armani!!!

It was a lovely experience getting to try the new products and in return recieving advice and tips too, here are the pics of what i got in my lil GA bag :D.

If you haven't tried Giorgio Armani make up products i suggest that you do, i am definitely going to buy the foundation, the make up is lightweight (unless you want heavy coverage) though the products are a lil pricey it's worth every penny. I cannot wait to splurge on GA.. I'll be giving MAC a lil wave goodbye for now.

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