Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Make up clearout time

So yesterday i decided to sort out ALL of my make up and it took longer than expected. I needed to sort the make up out in sections and then on how often i use it. In the end i put all my make up that i use often in my leopard make up case and all my other make up that i use for special occasions in my Celia Birtwell vanity case e.g brightly coloured eyeshadows. I am hoping to buy a clear set of small plastic drawers to i can at least display my make up properly on my dressing table. I also sorted out my brushes too, i cleaned my brushes and kept them in a unused clear vase. I thought it looked abit boring so i added some random beads,sequins and pom poms from my kit (which i used to used for college), looks cool don't cha think? 

Here's how it looked and check out my make up organisation skills :p

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