Friday, 24 February 2012

My current favourite perfumes and reviews

My best ever perfume collection till date! Chloe by Chloe, Chanel N05 and Giorgio Armani's Armani code.
I'll first start talking about Chloe, This perfume has warm amber, honey and cedarwood notes blended with the aroma of roses. Housed in a vintage iconic glass bottle with a silver plated collar. This for me is the ultimate perfume because you just know this scent will become a part of you, Some people stick to their 'trademark' scent and this is definitely mine! I don't use alot because this scent seems to be on the heavy side so a couple of sprays would be enough.
Chanel N05... where do i begin? it's beyond a classic! has notes of a high floral scent and it is recommended as a evening wear, I have never ever worn this in the day time simply because of its slightly heavy notes and it just isnt the same when you wear it during the day. The notes are as follows: Top Notes Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Aldehydes, Middle Notes JasmineMayrose and the Base Notes Sandalwood, Vetiver. It is stated that this perfume is still a number one seller for over 80 years since it's release in 1921! Woah. How could i even complain about the bottle, its design is both classy and vintage and looks amazing on the dressing table, there is nothing but good qualities about this perfume.
Lastly Armani code... This perfume has also been my favourite for quite some time and i love the scent, The notes are as follows: Top Notes Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, Sambac Jasmine,Middle Notes Orange Blossom Absolute and the Base Notes Vanilla, Honey. This scent reminds me of a sweet shop and yet the perfume does not smell too citrusy and it remains to be a sophisticated scent. 
Though i only have 3 perfumes i am happy with the fact that these 3 are not similar to each other, it's good to have a perfume that matches your mood or having a signature scent.  

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