Sunday, 19 February 2012

My one stop shop for all things milkshakey :)

In Birmingham there are many new places i have tried food but if you know me well enough you know i love sweeter things and so i discovered this place not too far from where i live, EISE cafe is a cafe filled with sweet aromas and the smell of coffee beans... They make milkshakes out of everything.. just like Shakeaway but i prefer this place. I have become a regular customer here but i always find that when i have to order something i stand staring at the board for like half an hour because of the limitless choices.. so far i have tried 6 different flavours of milkshakes and each one is just as tasty. They even have cakes that have been custom made with one brand of chocolate (you'll see what i mean in the pics) i haven't tried them yet but i do have my eye on the Oreo one...

The lovely looking OREO cake NOM NOM NOM

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