Wednesday, 28 March 2012

L'Occitane brightening instant exfoliator sample review

Here are the samples to the NEW L'Occitanes range of brightening skincare. I went last week to give L'Occitane a visit to browse through their skincare products and i must say i was really impressed especially with their famous hand cream! 
I wanted to purchase a facial scrub for quite some time but i wanted to get a good quality one and this one has the advantage... It brightens the complexion too!
I was told by the sales assistant to use this sample in run up to the consultation which i have booked with my beautiful sister in law for the 5th of April.
It's hard to show in pictures how my skin looked before and after so instead am going to explain how this changed my skin, The scrub is white in colour with grains and your supposed to apply it on dry skin, massage it and then rinse off. 
Once i rinsed it off i felt that my skin was smoother, didn't feel dry or tight. The oiliness was gone and i felt that my face did look a bit bright.. no joke!
Even for the first application this product worked wonders.. am going to do another application just before i go to my consultation and see what difference it has really made to my skin. You are only supposed to use this scrub once every couple of days.
I am looking forward to the consultation and i am hoping to buy the full size of the scrub which costs £24.00 for a 75ml tube.

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