Friday, 30 March 2012

L'OREAL new nude magique BB cream review

Say hello to the new BB cream from L'OREAL. I just had to try this it since the word 'magique' intrigued me.
There are two shades light and medium, so obviously i opted for the medium shade. When i tested a bit on my hand i was shocked to see that it came out really white but me being how i am i didn't read the label properly haha. The cream eventually CHANGES colour to suit your skin tone.. I was amazed at the results because it happened to match the skin perfectly though it took a while to achieve the colour.
In stores this costs £9.99
It gives a dewy finish and it blends out evenly, some say that it leaves a orange tint but it surely depends on the colour of you skin tone or they just used the wrong shade.
I am pleased with the concept behind this BB cream but i think they need to reinvent the shades more and be more specific e.g. if you was a yellow toned or a neutral toned.
When i used the BB cream it didn't give any orange tints but the only way for you to know is to actually try out the product yourself because i don't want to misguide anyone in all honesty.

And eventually it blended well into my skin... appears flawless and the right shade too!

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