Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My favourite make up sponges

Recently i just bought a new bag of these lovely sponges,i use these for applying foundation since i haven't got the ultimate foundation brush yet, you can use sponges when applying foundation, it really depends on the person. I find that it gives better coverage and lets you control where exactly you want to apply.
I like how each bag has an assorted mixture of sponges (colours and shapes may vary) and since i have never tried a moon shaped sponge i thought let's give it a shot, i really like the smaller wedges because they are ideal for more smaller places and you can really cover all your flaws too.
I recommend these too! and guess what?! there only a pound!! ok i know you might be thinking it's cheap and probably bad quality but trust me these sponges are not at all weak or badly made.
This is my third bag and if it was bad quality would you keep on buying the same product? I don't think so.

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