Friday, 16 March 2012

Purple/silver eye make up.. my take on maybelline's makeup ad

Me and my best friend where shopping in Boots and she came across this ad, she really liked this look and so i suggested why don't i try this look on you? In the ad you can see that the eyeshadow goes all the way up to the eyebrow but i decided to do my take on it.
This look is a high fashion look but it can also be used in Asian bridal make up too because the eyes have the most drama than any other feature.. I will post some pictures of Asian bridal make up soon and then i will also post some of the eye make up i have done and how i would do Bridal make up.
As you can see, i used bright purple eyeshadow and silver eyeshadow to create this smokey eye effect.
My friends reaction... 'WOW' 

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  1. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!



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