Saturday, 14 April 2012

Aztec/Bollywood inspired accessories 2012

This is something that we haven't seen before and it was about time!
Taking influences from Mexico,Greece and India, this season has seen new hand, arm and hair jewellery pieces.
It is nice to see the western take on these styles, if your asian then you would see them everyday and know there are many styles but it is nice to see that they are now available on the high street :)
If you have seen Chanel's runway collection a/w 2011 it was amazing! all based on the idea of Bollywood.
Here are some jewellery pieces from Miss Selfridge that are available now, something definitely worth buying.

Here is how you wear the head accessory, beautifully modelled by Bianca. She is definitely fashion forward and I like how she mixes up her designer pieces with high street, a true fashionista! 
Am sure we will be seeing more of her on my blog! Couldn't think of anyone better.

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