Sunday, 22 April 2012

It's all about highlighting!

One of the looks you can create, gives the illusion of a fuller lip.

Six combinations to choose from.

Images courtesy of Google.
Max Factor have released a new lipstick named the Flipstick – a double-ended lipstick which features one rich and creamy colour and one light iridescent lipstick shade for you to highlight and also creates the illusion of a more fuller lip.
We once used to highlight face areas such as high cheekbones, below the brows and the cupids bow but now you can highlight the lips too!
Max Factor have come up with three top ways to wear the Flipstick:
If applying both shades at once apply the darker creamy shade first with the light iridescent shade on top for a dramatic look with lots of depth.
To add another dimension to your lip colour try sweeping one shade over your lower lip and the other shade to your upper lip.
For a third look, try outlining your lip with one side of the flipstick, then swap ends and fill in with the other end for a graphic texturized lip.
If the flipstick sounds like something you might want to experiment with then head to Superdrug and pick one up for £6.49.

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