Sunday, 15 April 2012

NEW Revlon lip butters! finally in the UK...

These Lip butters have been very popular with bloggers and you tube video reviewers and they were already launched in the US but now they are finally in the uk! am so excited to purchase one and see how it is, i have read alot of reviews and there is hardly any disappointment.
The shade i am looking to purchase is the 095 creme brulee, most of you know i tend to go for nude shades because i feel comfortable wearing that colour, i guess i need to experiment more with shades so i can find another colour that will suit my skin tone and me of course!
These lip butters are a sort of a cross over between a lipstick and a lipgloss and you can control how much colour or tint you want.
They are currently on offer at boots, 3 for 2 at £ 7.99 each. 
Since i wear alot of lipbalm i'll probably won't need to since this lip product contains shea butter which ensures that the lips will remain hydrated and the plus point is that you will get a pop of colour too which you don't get in usual lipbalms.

Have you purchased one? and if so what would be your rating?


  1. i can never no whcih one to chose haha xhope you can check out my blog :D x

  2. haha same but my all time fave is creme brulee, i shall check your blog out :)


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