Thursday, 24 May 2012

Let's review: Dior 2012 summer collection, make up!

Images courtesy of Google

Nature seems to be the inspiration for the colours displayed on the high-end brands. Croisette makeup collection for summer 2012 is definitely of the French Riviera inspired collection.
Combination of relaxing shades of the Mediterranean sea and the sand. Fresh aquatic colours include sky, sea water, corals, and marine.
Between the shimmering turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea and the sparkling gold of the sand, through soft coral and bikini pink, the Croisette reveals all it's elegance and optimism in sunny and aquatic-inspired shades. The skin is warmed up and illuminated in a natural glow while the eyes are dressed up with luminescent sunny shades and fresh azure blues. The lips are colourful while the nails complete the look with coral and blue shades inspired by the French Riviera.
I am loving this collection! Are you too?


  1. Love the colors! Now a follower. I found you on Blog Hops Till You Drop hop. Please return the favor.

  2. Me too! nice range of colours :) yeah sure no probs! :)


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