Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The need for contouring

This is the contour kit i use, from Sleek £6.50
Images courtesy of Google

I absolutely LOVE contouring, gives the illusion of the perfect high cheekbones that models have and with the help of the right tools and shades you can create them, follow my easy steps on how to contour :)

Before you get started you will need the following things:

1. A dark colour for shading in either a cream or powder, and it should be two to three shades darker than your skin tone but in the same undertone. If you choose to use powder it should be matte.

2. A light colour for highlighting in either a cream or powder. The colour can be considerably lighter than your skin depending on how much you want it to show. The highlighter can be matte or shimmer depending on the effect you want to achieve.

3. An angled or medium sized blush brush. Using a angled blush brush makes shading much easier as the angle of the brush will fit perfectly under the cheekbone.

Here’s the simple step by step guide to create prominent cheekbones:

1. Using the angled part of the brush and your darkest colour, sweep under the cheekbone starting close to the ear and finishing with the brush leaving your face.(#1 in above image) Repeat until you get desired intensity.

2. Dust off the dark colour on a tissue before picking up the highlight colour.

3. Apply the highlight colour to the top of the cheekbone by gently tapping or brushing. (#2 in above image)

Anywhere you shade with a darker colour will recede and what you highlight will be brought forward. Remember to do both to beautifully contour your cheeks.

Hope my tips and guide have helped you in contouring :)


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  2. Hi,
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  3. Loving this how-to-contour post! I like the fact that you broke down the steps in detail (Y)

  4. <3 great to hear that! ^^ glad you liked it! now everyone can contour the right way :)


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