Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Revlon scented nail polish - crazy right?!

Pineapple fizz
Grapefruit fizz
I tested the above 2 shades and it smelt like fruit salad, together of course!
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It was amazing to see a new invention for nail polishes and i just had to write about this! Revlon have released a limited edition range of nail polishes and each shade has it's own smell.
When i went to my local boots i disappointed to see limited shades, in the USA there are many more shades that are available. If you are thinking that this nail polish probably won't live up to it's expectations then you are wrong! The colour is fantastic and it smells exactly like the name that is given.
Here are the list of the scents that are available from the range: grape fizz,ocean breeze,cotton candy,grape icy,gum drop,mon cherry,not so blueberry,orange pop, raspberry rapture,sublime strawberry, beach,bubblegum,coconut crush, mad about mango, peach smoothie, passionfruit,pretty in papaya, watermelon fizz, grapefruit fizz, orange fizz and finally pineapple fizz.
I wouldn't know which ones to purchase since they all sound intriguing, It is available at Boots £6.49 each.
What do you think of these new Revlon nail polishes? something cool to try out? or a gimmick? 

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