Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Thakoon for NARS summer 2012

Amchoor – bright yellow
Kutki – Powder Blue
Koliary – Cyan Blue
Images courtesy of Google
Lal Mirchi – tangerine red
Anardana – Azalea Pink
Jot Ratin – Orchid Purple

The new collection of nail polishes from Thakoon and Nars for summer 2012
This installment of nail polish show brilliant colours and beautiful, consisting of six shades in matte this summer. 
The inspiration for this collection and the starting point came from India and more specifically of the spices that are sold in their markets.
After doing the make up for fashion shows designer Thakoon, Nars creatives decided to collaborate to see the palette of colours that were used in these parades and create this bright and bold collection, so your nails look summer casual.
What is not to love from this collection?! from the amazing range of colours to the cleverly named bottles.
These are available from today onwards! which is the 1st of May 2012.


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  2. I LOVE these colours! I really want to treat myself to one but i just can't decide which colour, i want them all!
    Love your blog and please check mine out :)

  3. @federica thank you :) i have checked your blog and following you back, great work. Keep it up! :)

    @nicole haha same i love the colour palette for this collection, simply awesome :) checked your blog out and i like it but how can i follow it because there is no google friend connect :s


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