Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit cosmetics samples - glamour mag

This months issue of Glamour magazine has been flying off the shelves reason why? these cute lil samples of Benefit cosmetics (there was also a mini BAD GAL mascara but i chose not to get it simply because i am not fond of the formula used in the mascara and it smudges and stings my eyes)
Both samples came in pretty packaging; little printed cardboard boxes.The 7.5ml samples are worth around £6-£8. So you are getting the products at a great price at only £2 each!
According to Glamour their total worth is £35 so it’s a definite bargain. They weren't such an easy find – I had to face a few empty shelves at so many of my local newsagents,I ended up getting mine in Asda.
I am happy to have both of these face products and i cannot wait to start using them (review will be posted soon)

NOTE - That Gal primer was so hard to find,but there were alot of Bad gal mascaras! 


  1. I bought five of these magazines just for the benefit samples. I struggled to find that girl primer too! So excited to use them :)

  2. haha! why not, it's benefit freebies :) me too! especially the that gal primer.

  3. This is really a bargain !
    Be sure to check out my blog I tagged you !

  4. wow how nice samples!
    your blog is very nice, I'll be happy if you check out mine too=)

  5. @cherry berry it sure is! you have to be quick in these situations, everyone grabs alot of the mags. I sure will :)

  6. @rainbow gatherer, yes they are, i love it when glamour give out benefit samples annually. I have checked your blog out! keep up the good work! followed ^^


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