Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Collection 2000 glam glitter review - in the shade OMG!

Glitter isn’t something that plays a huge role in my beauty routine.If it is, these loose glitter wands from Collection 2000 could be of interest to you. They have a gel adhesive on one end and a pot of loose glitter on the other, so you can basically do whatever you want with them, from lining your eyes to drawing patterns.
I decided to choose the shade 'OMG' simply because gold is useful for when wearing asian outfits since gold and silver are the main embroidery colours that are used.The theory behind this product is great and when i tested the swatch on my hand the glitter did not budge but you have to let it dry for a while. The pigmentation is great too! I know that some glitters are discomforting to wear but this one is 'comfortable'
There’s a nice mix of brights and neutrals here(I actually think the black and silver versions could be a nice addition to your party makeup routine) and they only cost £2.93, which is a good price for something you’re probably not going to use every day.
By Collection 2000, you can pick these up everywhere from supermarkets to chemists.

My review for this product.

PRODUCT : 9/10 
TEXTURE : 9/10

I would recommend this product <3


  1. I really like the look of these! Will swatch next time im in boots!x

  2. I don't even usually wear glitter but this looks so pretty! I'm actually tempted... haha xxx

  3. oooh I have not seen this before, I like the look of it but I know my other half would hate it if I got glitter everywhere!

  4. @ Georgia :) i like 2 in one products too!

  5. @ Nicola me too! but this is great for nights out/parties :) hahaha

  6. @ Kim me too! just browsing around. Haha yeah glitter always goes everywhere.

  7. This looks lovely!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  8. Thanks dugongsss i sure will! :)


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