Friday, 15 June 2012

MUA lipstick in shade 4 - my review

I have finally bought some MUA lipsticks which i needed for my kit and i thought to share my views on this inexpensive lipstick.
It's by Make Up Academy which is available in Superdrug and it costs only a £1! It's a beautiful blue toned barbie pink shade, The lipstick is more of a crossover between a lipgloss and a tint. It does give a glossy look but it is not very pigmented.If your looking for a pink that screams 'look at me!'then this isn't for you. 

I however do like the fact that it gives your complexion a pop of colour, It does tint the lip and you can only build so much colour.
Overall it is worth the price because of the tint of colour, shine and easy to travel with but you just have to keep on reapplying because it lacks staying power.

My review for this product.
PRODUCT : 6/10 
TEXTURE : 7/10


  1. Finally a review on their lipsticks, I have read so many reviews on how great their eye shadows are. I was hoping it would be as good as their eyeshadows, guess not lol :)

  2. I found that this particular shade was a bit disappointing but the others are great! i will be doing more reviews soon on the other shades too. I also agree that the eyeshades are really great :)


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