Thursday, 5 July 2012

Simple sun kissed moisture cream - my review

 *The product shown is a sample.*

Though the weather in the UK is currently not summery don't let it stop you from looking sunkissed and glowing. Simple skincare are constantly taking new skincare products out and this was one i just had to try out.
The gradual tan is subtle but not non-existent. It may not be obvious when you first start using it but my skin definitely has a glow that wasn't there before. There are no streaks and there's no orange build-up, as promised,it also doesn't dry skin out either. I appreciate the UVA/UVB protection, but there's no SPF number on the packaging, so it makes you wonder how much protection there really is. I also like how there are added vitamins which gives simple products it's stamp of approval but i found that this product had a disadvantage which is the smell, oh my word, the smell. I always associate Simple products with being quite natural and gentle but this moisturiser smells chemical but it does wear off fairly quickly.
You can buy this from Boots and Superdrug RRP £4.99 50ml.

My review for this product.
PRODUCT : 8/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10

What are your feelings about gradual tan products? Do you have a favourite brand? 


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Zara! It's funny but I just saw this cream in my drug store about an hour ago and was actually about to buy their eye makeup remover;-))

  2. Thank you for liking the review :) haha simple is a good skincare brand :)


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