Saturday, 21 July 2012

Timothy Roe bespoke jewellery - my review

Spinning ring - Primo - 'crown jewel' £19.00
I came across this online jewellery store called Timothy Roe bespoke jewellery after seeing it around the blogosphere I was impressed with the range of jewellery styles.
I was kindly sent a beautiful package from the company, I was given a choice of what i would like to review from the Spinning Jewellery collection. it was a hard choice, but I happily settled with the “Crown Jewel" Spinning Ring. I must say that it was very beautifully packaged, I especially loved the branded ribbon tied, purple gift bag. The gift box and bag were both excellent quality which added to the fine jewellery 'experience'.The craftmanship that has gone into the ring is just amazing! the ring is made from 100% sterling silver. The ring can be stacked with other Spinning rings to make a unique combination, or it can be worn on its own. I love fine silver jewellery and this will definitely be in my new daily favourites its so eye catching and great for everyday wear. This retails for £19 and you can buy online now from Timothy Roe. 


  1. Very nice. Will have to check him out. I love sterling silver.

  2. :)thank you, am sure you will love Timothy Roe jewellery. I love the rings.

  3. We gave you an award on our blog! Check it out :)

    Kendall & Tiana

  4. :) it sure is, simple but elegant.


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