Thursday, 9 August 2012

Coley & gill summer berry candle review

I have started  my obsession with candles again and i was on the hunt for the ultimate candle. In Poundland they have a vast array of different scents and brands that i have never heard of (except the M&M one which will be my next purchase)
This candle is from Coley & gill (sounds rather posh) the packaging also intrigued me. Thought to give it a whirl. the price... £1. Judging by the price the quality of the candle could be very dissatisfying or it could be a one off wonder.
I quite like berries and so i was hoping that this would leave my room smelling like a fruit salad but it just gave a hint of berry coolness. 
Quite disappointed with this but i have heard that the Orange cinnamon from this brand is good.

Does anyone else have an obsession with candles? scented or unscented?


  1. I have an obsession with Yankee candles! I like the vanilla and orange and cinnamon candles from pound land but they're not the best. You need to try the new one for Autumn called 'Blissful Autumn' by Yankee. Omg! It's amazing! X

  2. OOO thanks! i shall look out for that one! ^^


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