Friday, 28 September 2012

How i store/organise my bracelets and bangles.

I have been doing alot of make up reviews and so I thought let me add some fresh new content! An accessories section.
I absolutely love accessories, no matter if it's a statement pair of earrings or a wrist full of arm candy.
I took some pics of my vintage jewellery stand which I absolutely love and I honestly should consider buying another stand since this one cannot hold any more items!
I have separated the accessories into two sections. The colourful side and the monochromatic side.
I do however prefer blacks, silvers & pearls over colour but sometimes you just have that day where you feel like adding some colours to your outfit.
It autumn/fall now so we all tend to stick to darker shades of colour with the odd jewel shade and some sparkle.
I usually buy jewellery from places like Accessorize, Miss Selfridge and if it's eye catching then I gotta have it! hehe.
I love finding the odd vintage item because it being one off makes it so much more fun to wear.

Maybe i'll start to add accessories of the day posts, so y'all can see what i wear.
Hope you liked this new feature, I am hoping to add more of this so this blog becomes more well rounded instead of just make up reviews.

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