Friday, 7 September 2012

Maxfactor lipstick from Japan!!!

Wish we had these in the uk!

In flash
Without flash

So i have found myself wearing this everyday. If you know me well i hardly wear lipsticks/lipglosses but it's about time i experimented with colours and see what suits me.
This Maxfactor lipstick was given to me by my sister, she happened to have a spare. I didn't know they had a maxfactor in Japan. I Thought it was only available here. But do i love the packaging!!! way better than the lipsticks we have.
This is a lovely soft bubblegum pink with blue undertones and it's shimmery too!
It glides smoothly and you can build up the colour. One layer will give you a tint of pink with glossy shimmer but two to three layers will give you the ultimate sheeny pink that could suit every skintone!
I will be sad once this lipstick is finished because how am i gonna get another one!
Though this lipstick is from an affordable brand it does feel very high end.

Who has this lipstick? and what are your thoughts on it?


  1. Hi lovely :)
    I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Check out the details on my blog

    Love Selinah xo

  2. @ Selinah, ooo thank u so very much! ^^


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