Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chanel's Corner - New feature

WOW time has really flown by since i have got this lil kitty! i have had Chanel for a month now and didn't realise it till i checked my diary and i have so much to share with you all.
In terms of sleeping, she will pretty much sleep anywhere! my bed, in the laundry basket and on top of her pink activity centre... and of course on me!!! When the lights go off she immediately jumps on the bed and comes to me, scared i guess or in need of comfort awww.
She can sleep for hours on end but when she does she has so much energy for playtime!!!
Watching her play has really been entertaining. She runs at the speed of light from one end of the room to another. Whenever i am sorting my things out she will come look around and then play, whether it is a piece of paper or a mascara SHE WANTS HER PAWS ON IT! She has her fave toys which includes the dangly fish wand and her fave poofy purple ball. If she cannot find it she has a lil strop and sits looking glum but then i have to go find it and give it to her then she resumes her play. Her purring is non stop! sounding like a lil diesel car this lil kitty i  know for sure is happy here. She is four months old now and it will be fun watching her grow.

Chanel's current comment: *looks at computer screen* "hey! who's that pretty looking kitty?"

I shall be doing these updates monthly so till then MEOW! =^^=

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