Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Aapri exfoliating scrub cream - review

This is a great bargain that I've picked up in Poundland recently; Aapri Exfoliating Scrub Cream with Apricot exfoliants. This is aimed at Normal/Oily skin. It comes in a white plastic tube with a snap-open cap. I was looking for a scrub and i thought to pick this one up and give it a shot.

According to Aapri's website"Aapri Exfoliating Facial Scrub Cream is formulated with natural apricot exfoliants and enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil to deep cleanse and remove dirt, grease and dead skin cells. Its deep exfoliation aids the natural process of dead cell removal and helps resurface the fresh and radiant skin."

 The exfoliating particles are large, which becomes apparent as you rub it onto your skin.
You don't need very much product at all as it doesn't dissolve or break down as you use it. 
The product does smell like apricots and it is definitely pleasant and soothing to use. I tend to rub it into damp skin for a couple of minutes, before rinsing and moisturising. I find it does a really good job of removing flaky skin, clearing blackheads, and leaving my skin feeling soft,smooth and glowing. I use this once a week and i do not think using this more than twice a week is necessary.

Overall, this is definitely one I'll be repurchasing, in part due to its bargain price. £1 in Poundland, although the RRP is £3.99 for 150ml.

Have you tried this scrub before? what are your views on it?

Current necklace collection.

Back to the accessory side of things, this is my current necklace collection.
As you can tell i had a bit of an obsession with dainty vintage chains with the occasional bigger statement necklace.
Though what i am preferring now are the peter pan collar necklaces and i have seen a d.i.y video on how to make them.
I will also be sharing a tutorial on how to make the collars which i hope you all will enjoy.
I never seemed to be into big chunky necklaces because i believe less is more and a simple chain looks equally as nice as a statement piece.
I mostly buy my necklaces from Accessorize, Primark and some were sent to me to be reviewed.
I also love kitsch styles of jewellery and you can find many boutiques online that sell great pieces.
After sorting out my jewellery, these are the only necklaces that i have currently as of now but if i do see an eye catching piece then i shall grab it ^^

What are your favourite styles in necklaces? simple or statement?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Maybelline fit me concealer - review

I have really been liking Maybelline products lately and since the collection 200 lasting perfection concealer *bloggers fave* was out of stock (sob) i had to look for alternatives and i saw this.
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is presented within a long slim tube and it has a foot applicator
which I prefer in concealers and i find it to work very well with this kind of product
as it allows you to dab on the product and then blend out using your fingertips/brush.
It is of a creamy liquid  lightweight consistency and can be used to conceal
blemishes or under eye circles and as it isn't too thick it doesn't gather into fine lines that are
often a problem for the under eye area.
It covers blemishes well and settles to a matte finish and wears for around 8 hours when set
with a powder product and didn't present any problems for my skin.
This was also perfect for me because this has a yellow undertone that 'fits' well.
I honestly think this may be better than the collection 2000. It may look like it will cover your imperfections lightly but it is buildable without making it look cakey.
Available at all Maybelline stocklists for £5.99

Have you tried this concealer and what are your views on it?

Monday, 29 October 2012

MUA pro brow kit - review

Move aside Brow zings by Benefit ,this is the little brow kit that many have struggled to source,
 they were sold out within minutes! i was lucky enough to grab the last one at my local Superdrug.

 The packaging as not only small but it is completely practical with a good quality mirror, a pair of tweezers (they are a little blunt
but would do the job for one or two stray hairs) and a duo ended slanted brush.
Not only does it look great but it is sturdy and contains all you need for the perfect groomed brows.
The MUA Pro Brow Kit contains two brow shades (two shades of brown), a matte highlighter
a setting wax along with the applicator and tweezers.
You use one of the brow shades or mix to create a custom blend, apply then go over
the brows with the setting gel to set and then using the light matte shade to highlight the brow bone for a lift.
The shades are well pigmented and they apply with ease and blend into the skin without any problems and once set with the gel they do wear for around 8 hours before I noticed any signs of fading.

In conclusion this is a great little brow kit and is available from selected Superdrug stores 
and the MUA online store £3.50.

What are your views on this brow kit?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sugar skull tutorial for halloween

Sugar skulls is something that i have seen quite some times and so for the first time i have attempted to recreate the look for you all so i hope you like my easy quick guide to creating a spooky sugar skull look. 

You will need: White face paint, black face paint,green face paint, red face paint, blue face paint, purple face paint, bright coloured eyeshadow of your choice, floral head dress/ floral hair accessories.

1. Once you have painted your entire face and neck white,Then paint a circle around each eye along the eye socket which is easily found by pushing on your brow and following the bone around, when your circles are ready draw scalloped edges around each circle.

2. Now fill in the circles with blue face paint and perfect the scalloped edges with purple face paint and fill them in.

3. Once you are happy with the circles and the scalloped edges then use a bright eyeshadow to shade in and add over the face paint as this will add more depth, it's great to use metallic/glitter eyeshadows which i used. The Kryolan viva palette was used to define the patterns and add more glitz to the matte designs.

 4. Start decorating your forehead and cheeks with some sort of design, it can be anything but i chose geometic shapes and some curved lines. I then painted a floral design of roses with leaves (everyone normally chooses some sort of floral design), it can be anything so be creative!

5. Now for the lips simply fill in the centre of your lips and then follow the line where the top and bottom line meet and pull that outward creating a new mouth once your line is complete add vertical lines as if your mouth is stitched. Keep your lips tight at this point or you will get paint in your mouth.

6. I then matched my jawline to my forehead but adding geometic shapes and curved lines. After this is done add alot of shading with a bright blue and a fushia pink eyeshadow to give the whole face some depth in certain areas.

7. The last bit to paint is the tip of your nose, think upside down heart.

8. To finish of the look i added many hair accesories to brighten up the look, colour is the key for this look and it really pulls it together.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kryolan glamour sparks in silver - review

Kryolan Glamour Sparks is a loose shimmering powder,this finely milled, iridescent powder with a shimmery finish is available in 9 shades.

The pot is a regular size and application is easy due to the functional packaging.The jar has a separator that has a hole on top. This hole makes for less mess when using the product as you can easily tip a small amount of the product into the lid for application.

The powder itself isn't terribly pigmented but more of a shimmering layer which would best be used over another shadow for a bit of a dramatic effect. If you own alot of matte shadows this is the perfect companion to create a bit of sparkle for when you’d like to experiment. On their own they work equally as well but aren't pigmented enough.The texture is quite silky but with alot less fall out and ease of blending is considerably better as well. Be sure to prep and prime because shimmer powders tend to slip and slide but prepping will ensure it will last all day.

This retails for £8.95 and available at the Charles fox store in London but you can get good deals online too!

Have you tried these and what's your opinion on this?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review on CocoNecklace - vintage meets animal

Antique bronze peacock necklace* 

Hollow out silver/black leopard necklace with charming crystals*

If you know me than you will know that i like two types of jewellery, monochromatic styles that have black, white and silver and a colour style that has a vintage touch or an antique look.
These two necklaces are both fashionable and are made with incredible detail.
The leopard head necklace somewhat reminds me of the Ed hardy's tiger head. I love how the silver and black work together so well to make an eyecatching piece of jewellery, this screams for attention and it is a comfortable piece to wear that is not heavy at all.
The actual head is hollow but behind it is a black base that makes the details stand out more.

The antique bronze peacock necklace is so up my street though this looks expensive it is rather cheap.
There is something about the turquoise blue and bronze combination that makes jewellery look so much more wearable and vintage - esque. I love the enamel and peacock detailing. Both of these necklaces are long in length and again this is not heavy to wear but manageable and comfortable.

CocoNecklace sell amazing earrings and necklaces that have been made up to an amazing quality and if you are liking these two pieces than i am pretty sure you will love everything else that is being sold ^^
Check it all out here >> CocoNecklace

Monday, 22 October 2012

Loreal chrome intensity eyeshadow in purple obsession - review

This is one beautiful iridescent purple with a blue undertone, this is my first Loreal eyeshadow and I am quite impressed.
It is designed to provide long lasting colour in a soft silky format.
It also delivers great colour in terms of pigmentation and it's build able until the desired shade has been achieved.
The super-smooth, ultra-fine texture glides smoothly over the eyelid for even, comfortable colour that doesn't crease.
The packaging too is eyecatching, a sturdy and solid plastic casing that opens up to reveal the shade and a small applicator too, wish there was a mini mirror inside though.
It surely gives the eyes a captivating look and great to wear for weddings, parties e.t.c... 
Available at all Boots and Superdrug for £5.99

What are your thoughts on Loreal's eyeshadows?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chanel No5 print bag by Hudiefly - review

Chanel number 5 Colors of Love Perfume Bottle Tote*

This is a one of a kind designed tote bag which features the classic Chanel No5 perfume bottle but with a twist, an arty colourful print.
This is something totally unique, it has the classic Chanel bottle that we all love but it also has this contemporary feel to it, the colours are amazing and they complete the design.
This bag is durable and made with 100% organic cotton which gives it a canvas like feel.
While carrying this bag out and about i can honestly say that it did turn heads.
This is a strong bag too since i was able to carry a couple of notebooks and well you know us girls like to carry our whole life in our bags.
Hudiefly does not only make bags, she also makes pillows with an array of different prints too. There are also casual tees with designer logos too so make sure you check it out.
The actual print itself has been finished off to a high standard, that even the perfume bottle has a 3d look with light reflecting off of it.

Check it all out here

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Elizabeth Arden visible difference gentle hydrating night cream - review

Elizabeth Arden visible difference gentle hydrating night cream* £35

Night time is your skin’s natural time for repair. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Night Cream helps optimise skin's natural cycle, working while you sleep to deliver the balanced hydration and support your skin needs to look luminous.
It states on the website that...

"Scientists have found that sleep is a time for our skin to repair itself. In fact, skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night. Make the most of your skin’s natural cycle with this multi-benefit Skin Balancing Night Cream. This lightweight yet highly effective cream delivers balanced hydration all night while working to restore and firm the look of your skin. Skin is left relaxed, revitalised, and ready for a beautiful new day."

I have found this night cream to be quite luxurious and extremely hydrating. i was on the look out for a new night cream because i wanted to start a new skincare regime and take better care of my skin and remain looking youthful for longer (hehe)
What i love about night creams is that it works while you sleep and this one also restores and firms the look of the skin.
This is lavender in scent and ideally it is perfect because we normally associate lavender with sleep because it aids us to sleep well. The cream is also lilac in colour.
In all honesty i have never used an expensive night cream before but i do feel like i am reaping all the benefits with this cream.
In the morning my skin does feel somewhat better, it has also given me a radiant complexion (score!)
I have also found that it may be best used on combination/normal skin types.
I am really pleased with this night cream and quite lucky to have received this just in time before going to purchase one.

What are your views on this cream? Have you tried this before?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Golden Wing Cartilage Ear Cuff Elfing creations by Meri Greenleaf - review

Golden wing cartilage ear cuff* £3.82

If you are into the fantasy arts (Hello Lord of the rings!) than you are bound to love Elfing Creations by Meri Greenleaf. This ear cuff is gold plated and attached to this is a yellow glass bead with a gold tone plated Tibetan wing charm.
This is perfect for those who have not pierced the upper part of their ear but still want to be able to wear a cuff.
I love this, this is comfortable to wear. It does not grip the ear too harshly and the cuff bends easily for it to grip comfortably.
This also looks fashionably cute, it is way better than an ordinary cuff.
The detailing is great too, though this is handmade, the craftsmanship is commendable.
Check out other great quality ear cuffs and accessories at

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pink tease nail art jewels - review

I am such a magpie for when it comes to shiny things and so i bought this from my local poundland.
The gems are sturdy and even though they are sold for a cheap price, the quality is good.
This is great for doing custom nail art and it has so many shapes and colours to choose from!
Soon i shall be doing some more nail art tutorials and i shall be using these.
This only costed me a pound but when i researched this on the internet the prices varied from £1-£3.
This is great for a one off use and make sure to use a basecoat and a topcoat like with any nail art :)
Nail art has become the rage now with different nail polishes e.g crackle, caviar, gel, glitter & velvet nails but you just can't beat a good ol' gemmed nail.

Who has this product & what are your views on it?