Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chanel No5 print bag by Hudiefly - review

Chanel number 5 Colors of Love Perfume Bottle Tote*

This is a one of a kind designed tote bag which features the classic Chanel No5 perfume bottle but with a twist, an arty colourful print.
This is something totally unique, it has the classic Chanel bottle that we all love but it also has this contemporary feel to it, the colours are amazing and they complete the design.
This bag is durable and made with 100% organic cotton which gives it a canvas like feel.
While carrying this bag out and about i can honestly say that it did turn heads.
This is a strong bag too since i was able to carry a couple of notebooks and well you know us girls like to carry our whole life in our bags.
Hudiefly does not only make bags, she also makes pillows with an array of different prints too. There are also casual tees with designer logos too so make sure you check it out.
The actual print itself has been finished off to a high standard, that even the perfume bottle has a 3d look with light reflecting off of it.

Check it all out here

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