Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chanel's Corner - how she's getting on...

Welcome to another Chanel's corner update. WOW yet another month and a week has passed with this lil naughty one!
It has now been two months that we got her and it has been quite a journey learning about her.
She has become both attached to me and my hubs, before she used to be just attached to my hubs but now am her fave too!
Her behaviour has changed quite a bit than before, she has this thing where she will literally smell anything... i do not know if this is normal for cats but i do find it funny.
She now also eats everything that we eat.. so far she has had pancakes, burgers, wotsits, chocolate... obviously not the whole amount but pieces. maybe she is bored with her own kitty food lol.
Nowadays she will not sleep in her own bed, she now sleeps besides me or on my shoulder or head. She is the perfect alarm clock for me because she wakes me up by jumping on me and licking my nose. My phone alarm is useless compared to her haha.
I definitely think she has become more relaxed in our environment and i am happy that she is happy here too!
i have also noticed that she has grown a teensy bit though she is now five months old aww!!! =^^=

Chanel's current mood now = SNOOZE! 
Back for another Chanel's corner update next month till then meow!!


  1. What a cutie!! Love your blog! I found you through the Beauty Bloggers Club Blog Hop~! :)

    Ashlee @ The Makeup Wonderland


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