Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dr Pepper lipsmacker - review

I absolutely love lip smacker and i used to collect alot of these when i was younger but now it is harder to source these in the UK :( (lucky USA!) I do know however that these are available at Primark and Claire's Accessories.
I found this duo at Primark, me and my sister rushed to buy these. I am a HUGE fan of Dr Pepper and i could not pass this up.
The first lipsmacker i tried was the liquid lipsmacker which delivered a clear gloss. This smelt exactly like Dr Pepper!!! which was amazing!!! this clear gloss was moisturising and fun to apply... since it smells like my favourite drink.
The second lipsmacker i tried was the original lipsmacker which was a twist up just like a chapstick. This gave a gorgeous red tint with a glossy shine. This doesn't smell like Dr Pepper  as much as the liquid lipsmacker but overall it's a great duo to have.
I believe this costed £2.50/£3.00 if your another Dr Pepper fan then do pick this up!


  1. I love lip smackers too. But mostly mine are fruity. They are not readily available in UK? oh no. I'm in Canada and they are easy to get.

    Found your blog through blog hop and I'm your newest follower.

    Hope you will pop by my blog some time too,

  2. @ small town gal :) you are so lucky that they are readily available! so jel! aww thanks ^^

  3. I love dr pepper I've tried these mmm :)
    following you now btw nice blog xx

  4. @ohdeuxfois haha aww thank you! ^^


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