Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Maybelline fit me concealer - review

I have really been liking Maybelline products lately and since the collection 200 lasting perfection concealer *bloggers fave* was out of stock (sob) i had to look for alternatives and i saw this.
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is presented within a long slim tube and it has a foot applicator
which I prefer in concealers and i find it to work very well with this kind of product
as it allows you to dab on the product and then blend out using your fingertips/brush.
It is of a creamy liquid  lightweight consistency and can be used to conceal
blemishes or under eye circles and as it isn't too thick it doesn't gather into fine lines that are
often a problem for the under eye area.
It covers blemishes well and settles to a matte finish and wears for around 8 hours when set
with a powder product and didn't present any problems for my skin.
This was also perfect for me because this has a yellow undertone that 'fits' well.
I honestly think this may be better than the collection 2000. It may look like it will cover your imperfections lightly but it is buildable without making it look cakey.
Available at all Maybelline stocklists for £5.99

Have you tried this concealer and what are your views on it?


  1. I like this concealer! I don't love it because I've been using the Clinique Line Smoothing and it's wonderful! I'm looking for a Drug Store dupe and I will say, I like this the best!! I like it better than Collection 2000's too because it doesn't feel as cakey or as dry!
    Great review :D

  2. Better than Collection 2000? I HAVE to try this out! Thanks for the review x

  3. The packaging is very similar to collection 2000, I am eager to try this out since you think it could be better..exciting..I am such a concealer junkie!

  4. @ Kerry ooo i have not tried clinique one before but i do agree it is way less cakier than the collection 2000.

  5. @ Rachel yes it sure is! make sure you try it out i definitely recommend it.

  6. @ roses and rockets true but this is wayyyy better :)

  7. i just ran out of my maybelline dream lumi concealer (which did not cover any imperfection), so I think I'll try this one out instead! thanks for the great review!! :)

    also, I've tagged you to do the blogger tag! :) you can get more info about this riiight here --> http://myrberry.blogspot.ca/2012/10/the-blogger-tag.html

  8. @ Myr :) make sure too! you will love it am sure ^^ aww thanks i'll check it out!

  9. Thanks for the review. I really enjoy doe foot applicators for concealer as well because it's easy and convenient to apply. I'm really enjoying my L'oreal true match concealer, I might check out this one when it runs out!

  10. @ Alma no problemo :) do try it out you may like it too :)


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