Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pink tease nail art jewels - review

I am such a magpie for when it comes to shiny things and so i bought this from my local poundland.
The gems are sturdy and even though they are sold for a cheap price, the quality is good.
This is great for doing custom nail art and it has so many shapes and colours to choose from!
Soon i shall be doing some more nail art tutorials and i shall be using these.
This only costed me a pound but when i researched this on the internet the prices varied from £1-£3.
This is great for a one off use and make sure to use a basecoat and a topcoat like with any nail art :)
Nail art has become the rage now with different nail polishes e.g crackle, caviar, gel, glitter & velvet nails but you just can't beat a good ol' gemmed nail.

Who has this product & what are your views on it?


  1. These are really cool, I've never heard of them before. :)

  2. @ Lydia ^^ be sure to check it out at poundland, You'll love em!


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