Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Snap on feathers hair extentions - review

I hope you are all liking the range of products i have been reviewing, i have been doing alot of make up reviews lately and so i wanted to add a variety of reviews from now on.
Before i start this review i would also like to say to all my lovely followers that i have two great tutorials coming up! :) the first one is how to do a fishtail plait and the second one is how to apply a gel eyeliner so i am looking forward to that!
Right, back to the review. Feather clip in hair extensions are great to add texture and a pop of colour to your hair. There was a time when literally everyone had feathers in their hair but now it has died down.
I received two hair extensions, one brown and one purple. In all honesty i did not like the brown one at all and so i offered it to Chanel (my kitten) and she loved it! played with it of course!
I love the electric purple feathers since it really stands out in my really dark brown hair. The perfect hair jewellery/statement piece. I was also sent a little guide on how to wear this with different hairstyles but i opted for the 'original' way of wearing it.
It really is comfortable to wear, with the easy snapping contraption and it is without the commitment of actually getting real feather extensions glued to you hair.

How have your experiences been? with a temporary feather extension?


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