Monday, 19 November 2012

Dirty Works Body Butter - Review

Couple of months ago I was sent this sample tube of Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter, via the Dirty Works Facebook page. I am looking for a new body butter to buy so I was really looking forward to trying this out. The sample tube contains a generous 20ml of product, but the actual product is sold in a 300ml tub and retails for £4.99.
I am loving the old school packaging!
The dirty works brand reminds me of the Soap and Glory label, you can say that this is the Sainsbury's take on Soap and Glory.

Unlike some heavier body butters, this one has a light consistency, which is very much like a moisturiser, but it still leaves that silky sheen on the skin that you would expect from a body butter. The tube says to ‘massage cream onto damp skin until absorbed’ after showering it really did make my damp skin feel beautifully soft, but I've discovered that it also makes an amazing hand cream, I've been carrying this in my bag and using it on my hands a few times a day, and it is really helps because of the colder months now and we are bound to get drier skin.

The body butter has a pleasantly sweet scent which smells to me like a pic n mix bag of sweeties (yum) it leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean. It goes quite a long way too. A large pea-sized amount is plenty enough for the backs of both hands.
I am impressed with Dirty Works’ Supreme Clean Body Butter and I would love to try out the other products in the range.

Have you tried any Dirty Works products before?


  1. Packaging is so cute! I want to try this!

  2. this looks so nice :)

  3. @Brittney D it is very cute indeed! ^^

  4. @Sammycx :) make sure you try it out! you will love it!


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