Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Bows and Pearls!

Wow! a year has passed and it went quick. I can honestly say that I enjoy blogging and it hardly feels like a chore. I am sure all other bloggers will agree that there is extreme satisfaction when pressing the 'publish button'
Blogging is something I enjoy every aspect of. I enjoy buying and trying new products, I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy thinking up of new features or life related posts, I enjoy typing away on my keyboard and letting words flow out. I enjoy reading your comments and tweets, I enjoy tweeting back, I enjoy reading other people's blogs, I enjoy all of it. Every single bit. 
Blogging is a journey in which you learn everyday, something new. Blogging has made me more of a computer savvy person, made online friends who share the same passion and even learn how PR companies work because it was completely new to me.
I do try to keep my reviews informative and fun to read. I have truly been blessed by how much feedback i have been given by everyone. I would always ask friends on how to improve the blogging experience and fulfil requests on how to apply a certain product (being a qualified make up artist has also helped)
Personally for me, blogging is not a competition on achieving more followers or receiving endless freebies but to learn and grow yourself through the blogging community. The extra followers and samples are just some of the perks and I wouldn't let that get to my head.
I also haven't felt alone because I know that whatever time or day or night, because of this blog I will always have someone to chat to or interact with. I will always be able to tweet or read comments or return emails, because all my followers/readers are so kind and have taken a little moment out of their day to talk to me. 
Thank you to every one of you who has read, followed, commented or joined in with this blog. I'm sure to most it is a blog like any other, but to me it is much, much more.
I am near the 200 follower mark which is crazy and i am thinking of hosting a giveaway just a lil way to say thank you. I will need to plan on what to buy but i know it will be make up heaven :)

All comments are welcome, i would like to know what you like about my blog and if you would like me to add certain features or if you have any requests (make up tutorials) then feel free to comment below or contact me via email.


Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your comments and I do read each and every one. I also reply to each of your comments within a day or two so do check back.