Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November Empties

Welcome to my first empties post! i love reading other empties posts from many fellow bloggers/youtubers on what they have been using and so i have decided to share my products that are emptied just so i can state what has or hasn't worked for me and may guide you into buying the right product.
So, here are the products emptied for this month :)

£2.99 Batiste dry shampoo in cherry.

Finally my last can is finished! i used to love Batiste but now i am wanting to try other brands because this always leaves the white residue that takes ages to brush out. It does make my hair feel clean and look volumey but i will not be repurchasing this. Ever.
£14.50 M.A.C Studio finish concealer in NC30.

I absolutely love this MAC concealer and it lasted ages, both in the pot and on my face. It hid all my boo boos but i found that recently the shade was not matching my skin tone perfectly as before ( i am guessing i am now a shade lighter than this) I want to look for an alternative if not than another concealer . It is always such a journey to find the perfect foundation and concealer but i do have my eyes on the nyx concealer pot.

£8.50 Avon super curlacious black.

This mascara was great because it didn't clump nor stiffen the lashes, My eyelashes were noticibly more curled and i enjoyed using this everytime but i feel that are even more better mascaras out there so i will not be repurchasing this.
£2.00 strawberry body spray from Boots

Ah, this was so lush to use, perfect to freshen you up during the day, The scent was delicious and the actual product lasted long.When i wore the body spray it felt that the scent did not last long as i had hoped so i will not be repurchasing this but i am hoping to purchase a body shop body spray but i am still undecided as to which scent to buy because i have heard more good things about their body sprays.
Bare minerals foundation in light, free sample.

I love bare minerals and using this i did not waste any time in trying to finish it (hehe) I feel that this product is something i will repurchase again and again because not only is it mineral make up it also allows your skin to breathe and this has proven to help aid your skin's condition which i have noticed and there has been an improvement.

Which product have you tried from my empties post? did it work out for you?


  1. Hi I found you through the blog hop :-) I am your newest follower dear, feel free to visit my blog anytime :-)

    kisses Pakize (Keke)

  2. @ Pakize Thank you! i sure will! :)

  3. I love the batiste dry shampoos, have you tried spraying it about 30cm away from your hair as it says on the bottle?
    I tend to get very little white residue when I spray it further away. :) x

  4. @ The A girls i have tried but i want to try other brands and see if any of them leave a residue but i have had enough of batiste to be honest.

  5. I have heard great things about the dry shampoo!

  6. @ Elle i do know that Batiste is popular among others but i want to try other brands because it is not just batiste that do dry shampoos :)

  7. Avon is one of my favs! I haven't tried this mascara yet so I'm gonna have to snag some. Really love your layout, Following GFC :)

  8. @ Plush pink allure, you might like this mascare since you love avon hehe, thank you! ^^ for your kind words. Glad you like it! thank you!


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